Preparing for Christian Marriage

…and all the days of my life

Developed & Presented by:

Stephen Del Vecchio, M.A., J.D.

Seminars Held At:

Guardian Angels Catholic Church — Oakdale, MN

A Special Invitation

Please join us for a day set aside exclusively for engaged couples.  Our program provides you with a highly interactive learning experience, helping you build on the strengths of your relationship as well as learning (and practicing) a new approach to resolving differences.  In addition, you will discover some new insights into yourself and your fiancé.

Seminar Topics

  • Developing a Family Mission Statement
  • Three critical “Right Conditions” for successful marriage: Genuineness, Empathy, Warmth
  • Two necessary skill sets: Communication, Conflict Resolution. A specific model is taught.
  • Natural Family Planning
  • Group discussion with a local priest on the spirituality of marriage: Marriage as a Sacrament, The Vows of Matrimony, Intimacy and Sexuality

The program involves extensive participant interaction using a variety of learning tools…

  • Three Self-assessment instruments
  • Three Instruments designed to provide behavioral feedback from your partner
  • Four one-on-one discussion sessions
  • Large group debriefs and brainstorming sessions